Couple Counselling Lothian
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Couple Counselling Lothian is the largest provider of confidential counselling for those experiencing personal relationship difficulties in Scotland

Who are we?

Couple Counselling Lothian was founded in 1946 and became a company limited by guarantee in 1988. It is the Lothian equivalent of Relate.

We offer around 6000 appointments per annum from premises in Edinburgh Livingston and Dalkeith, and are currently in negotiation to open in East Lothian.

What do we do?

Couple Counselling Lothian offers counselling and a range of other services for couples and individuals, children, young people and extended families who are affected by relationship problems. As well as helping those who are thinking of staying together, separating or dealing with divorce, we see many people whose relationship has ended and who want to explore the issues around making new relationships.

We will see you whether you are married, living together, in a less formal relationship, divorced or separated. Our service is available whatever your age, race, personal beliefs, sexual orientation or social background.

Couple Counselling Lothian
Edinburgh, EH3 6QG, Scotland