Exploring Men’s experiences of Couple Counselling

This is an open invitation for heterosexual Men who have finished couple counselling at Couple Counselling Lothian in the last 12 months to participate in a small Doctorate Research study:

The aim of the study is to explore Men’s personal experiences of couple counselling

We’re interested in hearing about your experiences of couple counselling regardless of whether you felt it worked for you or not ~

Participation will involve:

Taking part in a short interview that will take approximately 1 hour

All gathered information will be confidential and made anonymous when reported

Participants are able to leave the study at any time

While there will be no payment your participation will contribute to research in the field of Counselling Psychology and provide you with the opportunity to voice your views and experiences of couple counselling.

If you are interested in participating:

Please contact Principle Researcher Rhiannon for further details (including an information pack & consent form) via email, text or phone.

All enquiries will be treated as confidential ~


Telephone: .