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11-18@CCL - A service for young people

"Somebody just for me would be good..."

The comment above was made by a young person when CCL was carrying out research into the feasibility of establishing a counselling service for young people.

This service has now been launched with the name 11-18@CCL


Young people are particularly at risk when their parents are on the point of separating. In addition to feeling very unhappy, many children blame themselves for the break-up, and strong feelings can be stirred up within the family. CCL believes that coping with parental conflict in adolescent years will help these young people to deal with their own relationship issues as adults.

It is for this reason that CCL launched 11-18@CCL in late 2003. The service is delivered by a team of accredited counsellors who have undertaken additional Relate training in this work. The project receives financial support from the Lloyds TSB Foundation, and the service is offered at no cost to the young people or those who refer them.

How does it work?

The 11-18@CCL counselling sessions give young people the opportunity to talk to someone in confidence:
  • about the breakdown in their parents' relationship, and how the young people feel
  • about being unhappy or confused about a family relationship
  • about any problems they may have living in a new stepfamily

Getting in touch

Service users - young people between the ages of 11 and 18 - can be referred by parents, teachers, GPs, social workers or family lawyers, or may self-refer.

Please contact us on if you would like further information or text us on 07982 064 179.